Why Choose Brady Hales as Your TV Promo Voice Actor?

Brady Hales is a professional American voiceover actor, hailing from sunny Los Angeles. TV is an all-American pastime and Los Angeles is at the center of the TV industry, so who better to voice your television promos than Brady? Brady brings an edgy, cool guy energy to all of television voiceover work that resonates with viewers of all ages and backgrounds. Brady’s voice is infused with a sense of familiarity, relatability, and magnetism that audiences love!

Whether you need streaming services, network, or cable television voice over, Brady is your guy! Brady is a real, human voice actor and does not use AI in his voice acting work, delivering energy and charisma that AI simply cannot recreate.

Vocal Range

Every television promo is different, and a TV promo voice actor needs to account for this in their vocal performance. Whether a TV promo is serious (like a national news event), or more upbeat and thrilling (like the latest and greatest singing competition), Brady can perfectly match the tone and energy required to suit the target audience of a specific TV promo.

Years of Experience

With over 11 years of experience in the professional voice acting industry, Brady has mastered the ability to deliver engaging and dynamic voice acting performances that delight audiences, grab attention, and add authenticity to any project. His background in a variety of voice acting mediums equips him with the skills to connect deeply with audiences. Brady brings storytelling to life, drawing listeners in and leaving them captivated until the last word.

Professionalism and Expertise

Brady is an accomplished voice acting expert whose voice has been trusted by major household name brands from Coca-Cola to Toyota to Wells Fargo, and more. Brady’s extensive experience and dedication to his craft ensure that every project receives 110% effort, enthusiasm, and professionalism. Praised for his quick turnaround time, collaborative nature, and outstanding performance, Brady is your go-to for TV promo voiceover

Broadcast-Quality Voice Over Performance

Brady’s home recording studio is equipped with top-notch, industry-standard recording equipment. As a TV promo voice over actor, Brady’s home studio allows him to consistently deliver pristine vocal performances. He can also deliver expertly mixed and edited voice tracks, mastering the sound perfectly for television, streaming, the internet, and more. With a quick turnaround and constant professionalism, Brady makes television voice acting smooth and stress-free!

Brady’s TV Promo Voiceover Services

With an extensive voiceover range, Brady offers a variety of different television promo voiceover services to meet the needs of cable TV networks, streaming services, online entertainment platforms, and more.

Here are just a few of the television promo VO services that Brady offers:

  • TV Promos: Let Brady’s cool, hip, edgy vibe work in your favor to get audiences excited for new television series, episodes of established television shows, or previews of upcoming seasons.
  • Network Branding: Charming, funny, and authentic, let Brady be your go-to voice for network branding promotional voiceover. From network taglines to showcasing flagship shows and upcoming programs, Brady’s professional promo voiceover work is perfect for any network.
  • Streaming Services: From new releases, exclusive content, behind-the-scenes, and live-streaming events, Brady has the powerful voice acting range to fit any streaming service’s voice over needs.
  • Event Promotions: Everyone loves a special event! When it comes to special event promotions, such as award shows, live sports events, holiday specials, or major broadcast events, Brady’s professional television promo voice acting will energize your audience.

And so much more! Whatever your television promo voiceover needs are, Brady is your guy! It’s time to make your television, cable, or streaming promos POP with personality, so let’s talk!

What’s the Importance of a Professional Television Voiceover Actor?

A TV promo voice actor is a direct line to your audience, creating an emotional connection between the audience and the TV show. Whether it’s a heartfelt medical drama, an energetic new comedy series, or a daytime talk show, television promo voice acting is essential for generating excitement while watching television promos.

TV is a classic American medium that people are passionate about, so hiring the best voiceover talent is essential to connecting with your ideal audience. The right television promo voice actor will make your TV promos POP on screen! But the wrong voice actor will make your promos flop, discouraging viewers from tuning in to the next episode (and possibly turning them off from your network entirely).

And we don’t want that! So let’s talk about why Brady Hales is the right TV promo voice talent for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Hire Brady for TV Promo Voiceover?

Brady is the guy you know, and the voice you trust. Drop Brady a line to request a demo of your promo script today!

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