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Why Choose Brady as Your Male Video Game Voice Actor?

Brady Hales is an LA-based professional American actor and voice actor, bringing unparalleled professionalism and enthusiasm to the video game industry!

Being an on-camera television and film actor makes Brady the perfect fit for video game voice acting. From appearing on Better Call Saul and American Horror Story, Brady’s unique ability to bring characters to life has translated perfectly to video games.

Brady already has a proven track record with excellence in voice acting for video games, including characters voiced in Smite, MU Legend, and the beloved Final Fantasy franchise. Brady is the premiere choice for video games seeking best-in-class video game acting, whether you’re a major, blockbuster video game studio, or a small indie video game designer. Brady’s ability to bring diverse characters to life transcends the video game genre and ensures that your video game resonates with your target audience.

Brady is a real, human voice actor and does not use AI in his voice acting work.

Brady Brings Video Game Storytelling to Life

As a video game actor, Brady has mastered a wide range of character portrayals, breathing life into an array of personas. With his superior ability to infuse emotion and nuance into every line of dialogue, Brady’s video game voice acting immerses players directly in the game, adding richness and depth to the gameplay experience.

On-Camera Experience that Translates to Off-Camera Expertise

As an on-camera film actor, Brady brings a powerful understanding of performance and character choices that translates perfectly to video game voice acting. Brady’s experience as an on-camera film actor allows him to infuse each character with authenticity, emotion, and depth, ensuring an enjoyable gaming experience for players.

How to Become a Video Game Voice Actor?

Brady’s journey as a video game voice actor started a long time before his professional voice acting work! Brady has been obsessed with video games ever since he can remember (seriously, his love of video games even predates the first Nintendo system!). Starting with his first Atari and Colecovision, Brady is a lifelong, devoted video gamer. Now a huge fan of Halo and Fortnite, Brady’s passion for video games transcends just being a passionate player, holding a strong influence over his professional voice acting work.

Most recently, Brady was honored to lend his voice to Activision for their best-selling Call of Duty franchise, voicing all male in-game characters in a trailer for a charity campaign that raised over a million dollars for veterans (a cause near and dear to Brady’s heart).

As your male, American video game voiceover actor, Brady is invested in the success of the video game, not only as a professional voice actor but as a fan of video games himself! Who better to portray video game characters than a video game superfan?!

There is truly no one you can trust more to bring your video game voice acting to life with passion and enthusiasm than Brady!

Do I Need to Hire Multiple Video Game Voice Actors?

Definitely not! With Brady as your video game voice actor, there’s no need to hire multiple voice actors for the same project. Brady has a wide and versatile vocal range that works for many types of video game characters, from the sarcastic computer hacker to the cool, guy-next-door leading man. Perfect as a voice for heroes and villains alike, Brady’s versatility not only enriches the gaming experience but also cuts down on the need to search for additional voice talent. Hiring Brady as your video game VO talent is a win-win for everyone!

Want to Know More About Video Game Voice Acting?

Video game voice acting is the art of bringing video games to life through exciting, engaging, and authentic character voices. Voice actors can make or break the popularity and success of a video game, so choosing expert voice actors to elevate your script is essential.

Video game voice acting requires versatility because a video game voice actor is not just providing voiceover for a character, but they’re responsible for fully immersing a player in the game. A video game voice actor needs to ensure that each character has their own unique voice, quirks, tone, and personality. From valiant heroes to villain masterminds, video game voiceover often requires more than just acting out character dialogue. They need the skills to portray a wide range of character noises, including grunts and effort sounds from physical movements like jumping and running, combat sounds such as battle cries, emotive sounds such as pain, fear, or joy, and creature sounds like hissing, roaring, and growls.

Video game voice acting requires a unique set of skills, and not every voice actor is a good fit for video games. But let’s talk about an exceptionally outstanding video game voice actor: Brady Hales!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Hire Brady as a Voice Actor for Video Games?

Brady has the skills, experience, and love for video games that make him the go-to choice for game studios seeking exceptional voice acting talent.

Brady is the guy you know, and the voice you trust. Drop Brady a line to request a demo of your script today!

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