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No matter the brand, Brady Hales offers a unique, hip, trusting, and versatile voice in presenting your message to your targeted demographic with proven results. UBER chose Brady for his innate ability to deliver a fun and casual tone. PayPal found a voice in Brady that appeals to a young audience. HP requested Brady for a professional and casual delivery for their new Notebook PC TV spot. Nintendo of North America required a reassuring voice for their technical support line and found the trusting sound they desired with Brady.

When choice matters, big brands choose Brady.


Voiceover Services

Motion Capture


Explainer Videos

Corporate Narration


Medical Narration

Radio Imaging

Phone Messaging / IVR



brady's professional sounds is all created in his studio that features:

Sennheiser MKH-416

Neumann U-87

Universal Audio Apollo Twin Interface

Latest Version of Pro Tools

Source Connect

What makes me different

A brand can be likened to a complex organism. Every brand needs a voice. And messaging provides the words that help customers understand your worth and values. These words, if spoken with a real and trustworthy human voice, can articulate your brand’s promise and stimulate the listener’s desire for your services. The messaging tells a story that can excite people around your services. And with so many messages battling for consumer’s attention, will yours stand out in the most authentic and believable way? This is where A.I. falls short. Customers- kids as well as adults, are hip to what is authentic, and what is manufactured. This is where Brady Hales shines!

His ability to connect to a brand’s message is evident in the way he brings humanity to your written words, making them relatable and familiar. His sense of humor and talent for bringing characters to life makes audiences smile, laugh, and pay attention. His keen understanding of comedy and story make him a valuable asset in entertainment and in advertising. His naturally relatable, trustworthy, guy-next-door and sometimes wry vibe is very much in demand in commercials. His experience as a sketch comedian and television actor is evident in the way he brings characters to life in the video games and animation project he is called on for.

Reach out to Brady to see how he can bring your words and story to life! No A.I. clones will ever be used in his work.

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